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DIY Methods for Stump Removal

If you have any intentions of improving the landscaping in your yard, then you need to perform a stump removal process for that ugly stump where a tree used to stand. Tree cutting can be a extremely deadly activity but when you have made the necessary cuts, everything comes easy from then on. With stump removal , you're going to have to go thru so many steps to get it out and ensure that it won't grow back. If you happen to have a relatively smaller and moderately manageable stump, you can get the job done yourself with the utilization of a variety of ways.

Hand Digging

If you have a small stump or your tree has been planted near the outside of the soil, then you can simply perform stump removal with the bare use of a hand spade or trowel. Start by loosening the soil round the stump and removing the soil until you expose the roots. Then with the employment of a hand saw or any cutting tool, cut off the large roots that hold the stump ready. Pull out the roots then get the stump out.


You can also opt to decay the stump to make stump removal simpler. This method makes use of chemicals that will hasten the decomposition of the wood and ultimately kill it. There are a considerable number of chemicals that you can purchase in your local garden center. All that you must do is to drill holes in the stump where you will deposit the chemical. As quickly as the stump begins to degenerate, it's going to be easier to break apart then remove.


Burning up the stump is a rather radical way for stump removal however it is exceedingly effective. Dig a hold round the stump and position in dry wood in the hole. Fire up the dry wood. You can use lighter fluid to accelerate the burning process but some paper will do the work pretty much as well. As fast as the stump has caught the fire, keep the fires burning till the stump burns.

All these methods might seem simple but you need to also take the obligatory cares. These stump removal methods can have its proper share of dangers.

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